As a graduate of the 2018 Senior Academy of Country Music, Rachael Dee has been mentored by industry names including Roger Corbett, Kevin Bennett, Lachlan Bryan, Lyn Bowtell and Ashleigh Dallas. The Australian singer-songwriter has performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and has co-written with award winning professionals including Matt Scullion and Roger Corbett.

Rachael has a passion for connecting with people. With an authentic twang you cannot deny her country roots, being raised in the outback in central western Queensland.


Rachael has always found satisfaction in contribution to help others lead a healthy, happy life. This is demonstrated in her music and also in her occupation as a medical sonographer.  

Rachael admires the empathy and emotion that lyric and melody can stir within an audience. With this in mind, her music is a vehicle to make a positive difference in the world.

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